Delta Force Located Saddam

This UPI report is the most detailed account I’ve seen of the operation that apparently wounded Saddam Hussein and likely killed his son Qusay, among others, in the opening moments of the war:
“A senior, former covert operative of the CIA told United Press International Friday that the ‘most important’ information was obtained by a small group of Delta Force operatives who infiltrated a fiber optic communication center in Baghdad, compromising its communications” and “intercepting a number of calls by senior Iraqi leaders.” “‘They were able to triangulate phone calls and determine their point of origin,’ this source said.”
According to this report, Saddam is believed to have suffered two burst eardrums and a concussion in the missile attack, and to have been “extremely disoriented…almost in a vegetative state” for a time.
Qusay is (or was) the younger of Saddam’s two sons; both are psychopaths but Qusay is the more competent of the two. He is considered Saddam’s heir and plays a key role in administering his regime.


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