Outrage In Iraq

I’m too pissed off right now to say much, but I hope the Administration appreciates the fury that the Iraqi POW video will provoke among the American people. It appears that our entire war strategy may have been misconceived. The hoped-for mass surrender of the Iraqi army has not happened; the promised disruption of Iraqi command and control is not manifested, as Iraqi officials are holding press conferences to brag about their victories; Baghdad shops and restaurants are reporting increased business as people show their confidence that our approach to war is too gentle to be feared; U.S. Marines are battling ferociously against Iraqi forces that we now say we “underestimated.” I fail to understand why there are living Iraqi soldiers in the field. Did we lose our daisy cutters? Are we having maintenance problems with our aircraft? We need to abandon the fantasy of a bloodless war and get this fight over with, I think. After all, we didn’t end World War II with selective bombing targeting Japanese military facilities in the middle of the night, so that no one would be injured.
Oh, one more thing. The Religion of Peace strikes again: the U.S. soldier who attacked his own officers with hand grenades was a Muslim–a fact being downplayed by American officials.