The gathering storm

The Washington Times reports that one of the operations assigned to special operations forces is the location and preservation of the records of Iraq’s intelligence service(s): “Mission aims to find intelligence agency’s files.” In the New York Times, Ibrahim Al-Marashi details the kind of materials included in these files: “Just following (Saddam Hussein’s) orders.”
In the Washington Post, Ralph Peters outlines a critique of our war strategy: “Shock, awe and overconfidence.” In the New York Post, however, he defends our war planning from the armchair critics with considerable irritation: “No Baghdad bloodbath.”
Unfortunately, it appears that conservative commenatators are the only ones interested in pursuing the story of Asan Akbar. Daniel Pipes has a good column in the New York Post: “Murder in the 101st Airborne.” David Horowitz adds some interesting facts as well, including Akbar’s pre-Muslim name (Mark Fidel Kools) and the fact that his denomination is the religion of hatred known as Black Muslim: “Black Muslim traitors.” Isn’t this news?
The Wall Street Journal has a good news roundup on the war that suggests the historic nature of the battle coming up with the Republican Guard: “The next crucial hurdle for Iraq’s liberation.”


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