Kuwaitis Grow Impatient

Kuwaitis fret at pace of war, Reuters reports. This is really the ultimate in impatience: “Glued to their widescreen televisions, what they see makes them fret that the United States, their key ally, is taking far longer than expected to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.” Far longer than expected?! Five days so far.
The Kuwaitis’ perspective on America’s avoidance of casualties is interesting:
“They know that in Western military culture you have an emphasis on protecting civilians, but they feel that the people fighting the Americans are not civilians when they pick up a gun and that should be dealt with.
“Former teacher Yaacoub Malala said: ‘You are not fighting with European people. Europeans value life. But here you should be tougher. If you remember what Saddam has done during his rule…you cannot be too polite with his supporters.'”


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