The times they are a-changin’

Little Trunk reports that Yale College Students for Democracy held a rally in support of the war at 11:30 this morning. The well attended rally took place at the World War I Memorial on campus and featured star faculty members Donald Kagan, David Gelernter and Norma Thompson as speakers. Among the students who spoke was Ewan McDougall, an undergrad who enlisted in the Marines before 9/11 to the incomprehension of his classmates, many of whom have since expressed respect for his decision. The podium was draped with the flags of America, Great Britain and Australia.
The rally was of course greeted by a counterdemonstration against the war. But the turnout for the counterdemonstration was small and motley. The YCSD speakers addressed them directly, telling them that it was not sophisticated to avert their eyes from a butcher and to let a tyrant know that there is no offense he might commit that will provoke us to act. The indomitable Jamie Kirchek — whose column “The anti-war movement’s disgusting side” is included among the RealClearPolitics lineup today — took no guff from the war protestors. He told them it was not too late for them to become human shields for Saddam Hussein.


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