A timely salute

Ralph Peters not only sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, his is one of the few analylses of the war that is not a fount of pessimism: “Guts and glory.” Peters summarizes the week past as follows: “From the ships at sea, to the youngest infantrymen on the land, this has been a proud week in American military history.” He concludes with words that could usefully be appended to every news report today on the progress of the war: “My heartfelt advice to every reader is the same as it was on the eve of this war: Be patient with our troops. The collapse of Saddam’s regime could be very sudden, or it could drag on for weeks. In either case, the outcome remains certain. ”
UPDATE: A reader kindly pointed out that in my post regarding Karl Zinsmeister’s on the scene report from Kuwait regarding the efficacy of missile defense I forgot to include the link to Zinsmeister’s column. I have added the link to his column in the post headlined “Missile defense works II.”


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