French Muslims Riot

The New York Times reports that “[t]he antiwar movement in France has turned anti-Israeli, as demonstrations against the war in Iraq have evolved into a battleground for French Arab Muslims to attack Israel and even Jews to protest Israeli treatment of the Palestinians.”
This isn’t new, of course; the “antiwar” movement in France has always been largely anti-Semitic. Today, 5,000 Parisian policemen tried to prevent a repetition of the last “antiwar” event, in which “protesters marching with a pro-Palestinian group attacked members of the left-wing Zionist youth group, Hachomer Hatzair,” and beat the Jewish marchers with metal bars, sending several to the hospital. Today, the Times reports that “marshals in white caps struggled, with limited success, to keep the protest free of racist and anti-Semitic symbols and messages.”
The French have a terrible problem with their Muslim population, and they have no idea what to do about it. For now, the French are in a state of denial. The Times cites a recent survey in which “39 percent of French people thought that Arabs were the main victims of racism in France, while only 5 percent thought they were Jews.”
The photo below shows a French Arab at today’s demonstration waving a pro-Saddam Hussein flag, while flashing a “peace” sign. “Peace” isn’t quite what it used to be.


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