Ansar al-Islam Compound Searched

The Associated Press reports that American and Kurdish forces have searched the compound formerly occupied by Ansar al-Islam Islamofascists in northern Iraq, and have found “what may be the strongest evidence yet linking the group to al-Qaida.” The search also yielded documents and computer data identifying Ansar members or sympathizers around the world. General Richard Myers says that the Ansar compound is believed to be the source of the ricin that was found in London a couple of months ago.
I understand the desire to find links between a group like Ansar al-Islam and al Qaeda, but the reality is that the Islamofascists are loosely organized. Not only do the various organizations cooperate on an ad hoc basis, but individual Islamofascists also move from group to group. Groups arise, merge with others, go out of existence. “Al Qaeda” is not the problem; Islamofascism is the problem.


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