Professors of hate

Our friends at the RealClearPolitics Web log have dubbed the Columbia professor who called for “a million Mogadishus” at the “teach-in” last week “the nutty professor.” (Today they coin the term “Krugmanizing,” defined as “what happens when you take a rational argument and then absolutely prostitute it for partisan political gain. You end up losing credibility and looking like a hack.”) I hope Rocket Man is not done with him, but in any event the New York Post is on the case this morning.
Three Post reporters have put together a follow-up story that provides a little more kindling for the fire: “Columbia prof tries odd Viet defense.” And Daniel Pipes has a devastating column documenting that “the nutty professor” is only a small cog in what appears to be “the nutty faculty”: “Columbia vs. America.” Call them “professors of hate,” or “traitors.”


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