More on Private Lynch

Tomorrow’s Washington Post has more on Private Jessica Lynch:
“Pfc. Jessica Lynch…fought fiercely and shot several enemy soldiers after Iraqi forces ambushed the Army’s 507th Ordnance Maintenance Company, firing her weapon until she ran out of ammunition, U.S. officials said yesterday.
“Lynch, a 19-year-old supply clerk, continued firing at the Iraqis even after she sustained multiple gunshot wounds and watched several other soldiers in her unit die around her in fighting March 23, one official said.
“‘She was fighting to the death,’ the official said. ‘She did not want to be taken alive.’
“Lynch was also stabbed when Iraqi forces closed in on her position, the official said, noting that initial intelligence reports indicated that she had been stabbed to death.”
Private Lynch sustained stab wounds and gunshot wounds; she is also described, variously, as having suffered two broken legs and a broken arm, or two broken arms and a broken leg. It is unclear whether those broken bones were the result of gunshot wounds or whether the Iraqis inflicted those injuries while she was in captivity. Her injuries are described as not life-threatening, but a military official said that although Lynch was conscious, “she was pretty messed up.”


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