More on Private Lynch

Private Jessica Lynch is now undergoing surgery in Germany for a broken back, two broken legs, a broken arm and other unspecified injuries. When rescued, she hadn’t eaten in eight days.
It is being said that she shot several Iraqis prior to her capture and was taken prisoner only after she ran out of ammunition; I suspect that some of what is now being related may turn out to be apocryphal, but even on a skeptical reading she seems pretty heroic for a combat soldier, let alone a supply clerk. The medics who flew her to Gemany say that she told them nothing about her captivity; her brother says she mentioned nothing about her gunshot wounds, but wanted to know whether the story of her rescue had made the local newspaper. Her family is meeting with Army officials, and reportedly are concerned about whether Pvt. Lynch’s back and leg injuries “will hamper her Army career.”
InstaPundit linked last night to a post titled “Where do they get young men like this?” Where, too, do they get young women like this?


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