What’s going on?

John Keegan wonders how you can have a war without a battle: “Saddam, or whoever is in charge, is fighting the strangest war. It is tempting to wonder, on the evidence so far presented, whether the Iraqis have been fighting a war at all.” His London Telegraph column is “Who do you think you’re kidding, Mr. Hussein?” (Courtesy of No Left Turns.) Charles Krauthammer focuses on the American side of the war and thinks we have altered our initial plan to Plan B: “Plan B — for Baghdad.”
Our radio hero Hugh Hewitt has directed our attention to the Weekly Standard site and the good stuff it has been running on the war. The information value is low but the entertainment value is high in Matt Labash’s account of his trip from Kuwait into Iraq with Christopher Hitchens and P.J. O’Rourke: “Making it.”
The entertainment value is also high in John Podohoretz’s gimlet eye view of the domestic political scene: “Attack of the id.” And, with a somewhat higher degree of difficulty, the entertainment value is also high in Diana West’s world tour of anti-American hot spots, beginning in the United States, final destination the Araby, “where anti-American animus is all the rage”: “The animus against America.” West is the first columnist I have read who samples the poison injected into the Arab mainstream by Muslim clerics and their sermons.
Forgive me for quoting her conclusion at length: “And how does America respond to these and other offenses? As though truth wouldn’t set these people free, but would set them off. The Arab world says September 11 was a Zionist plot? Fine, we’ll scrounge the world over, from Albania to Zanzibar, for allies in the war on Iraq, but bar Israel from the ‘coalition of the willing’ so as not to ‘upset’ anyone. Hundreds of members of PA Chairman Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement are heading for Baghdad to serve as suicide attackers for the Iraqi regime? The PA renames the main public square in Jenin for the suicide bomber who detonated four U.S. marines at a checkpoint in Iraq? Better get moving on that road map to Palestinian statehood


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