Credit where credit is due

I neglected to post this piece from Sunday’s Washington Post by Stephan Budiansky about the air war in Iraq. Budiansky demonstrates how truly remarkable the air campaign has been and, in the process, vindicates the thinking of Secretary of Defense Rumsfield.
The Sunday Post also contained this piece by Michael Vickers about the crucial role that our ground forces have played. Vickers notes that revolutionary breakthroughs in precision bombing make ground forces more relevant, not less so.
After being told initially by the mainstream media that Iraqi forces were putting up a fierce and unexpected resistance, we are now starting to hear that these forces were paper tigers all along. However, reading Budiansky and Vickers, I can’t help thinking that, in reality, the Iraqi military was a credble fighting force that was simply overwhelmed by an awesome adversary, the likes of which the world has never before seen.


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