Concerns About Muslim Soldiers Voiced

Bill Gertz goes where angels fear to tread: “U.S. fears attacks from Muslims in armed forces:”
“U.S. intelligence and security officials fear attacks by Muslim U.S. soldiers opposed to the war in Iraq in the wake of a fatal grenade attack in Kuwait blamed on a Muslim soldier in the Army.
“‘There is concern that this may not be an isolated incident,’ said one intelligence official familiar with the investigation of Sgt. Asan Akbar.”
So far, the response to Sgt. Akbar’s attack has been predictable; for example, “Navy spokesman Cmdr. Tom Van Leunen said his branch had taken no additional security measures since the Kuwait incident. ‘We view our sailors as Americans first, Americans with full religious freedom,’ he said. ‘We do not single out any religious group.'”
On the whole, this is understandable. So far there has been only one case of sabotage by a Muslim soldier. But the jury is still out on whether Islam can be compatible with a free, Western society.


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