Disgrace at Yale

FrontPage has published Little Trunk’s report from the academic front at Yale. On the evening of the historic day when children were freed from one of Saddam Hussein’s prisons and the people of Baghdad danced in the streets, Yale professors threw a hatefest and called it a teach-in. Little Trunk and James Kirchick call them to account in their column “Postwar delusion at Yale.”
The appropriate companion piece to Little Trunk’s column is Diana West’s brilliant “Free at last.” Like Little Trunk, West notes the disparity between the jubilation in Baghdad and the miserable self-absorption of the elite professoriate. She calls it “the contrasting face of chagrin and disappointment on the anti-war left (best personified by the professorial radical at the forefront of anti-war protests everywhere) twitching at the prospect of having to face up to a popular, American-led coalition victory.”
She continues, “After all that has been said about Mr. Bush and the war


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