The Associated Press Spins the News

Attacks on the liberal bias of the American press usually focus on such obvious targets as the New York Times, CBS, NBC, CNN, Time and Newsweek. But some of the most pervasive bias comes from the wire services. Today’s article by Jonathan Salant of the Associated Press is a good example.
The A.P. article purports to be a factual report on competing prowar and antiwar demonstrations taking place today in Washington and other cities. Salant describes the Washington antiwar rally as “sponsored by International Answer.” He offers no information about International ANSWER–in particular, he fails to mention that it is a front for the Stalinist Workers World Party and is dedicated to fomenting Communist revolution in America.
On the other hand, when he describes the prowar rally in Washington a few paragraphs later, Salant offers these helpful clues to the identities of its organizers:
“Near the antiwar rally site, hundreds of supporters of the war effort held their own rally Saturday, featuring Watergate conspirator-turned-conservative talk show host G. Gordon Liddy; Republican senator-turned-TV actor Fred Thompson; and country music singer Aaron Tippin.
“The event was organized by Citizens United, headed by former congressional aide David Bossie, one of ex-President Clinton’s severest critics; and Young America’s Foundation, headed by Floyd Brown, architect of the Willie Horton ads that helped elect the first President Bush.”
Got that? International ANSWER is just a group of concerned citizens, while those who support our troops are a flaky bunch of conspirators, actors, Clinton-haters and racists. All in a day’s work for the Associated Press.