Russia-Iraq Alliance Exposed

London’s Telegraph has somehow obtained documents from the now-abandoned Iraqi intelligence headquarters which appear to expose an unholy alliance between Vladimir Putin’s Russia and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. The Telegraph, being British, emphasizes evidence that Russia passed on to Saddam intelligence about conversations between Prime Minister Blair and other Western leaders, but this is only one of a number of very troubling revelations.
The Iraqi documents also indicate that Russia gave Iraq a list of assassins who were available for hire in Western countries. They also show that in March 2002, Russia urged Iraq to cooperate with the United Nations on the ground that failure to do so would give the United States “a cause to destroy any nuclear weapons.” Which certainly implies that at that time Iraq had, or at the very least was close to developing, such weapons.
The Telegraph concludes: “Russia has been a key ally of Baghdad since the 1970s and was one of Saddam’s main arms suppliers. The Iraqis are understood to owe Moscow more than


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