Debka File’s Latest

Debka File says that the surrender of Saddam’s scientific adviser, General Amer Hammoudi al-Saadi, was secretly negotiated prior to the start of the war. If that is true, he presumably will disclose at least some of what he knows about Iraq’s weapons programs, notwithstanding his pro forma denials when he turned himself in.
Debka also says that the main repository of Iraq’s chemical, biological and perhaps nuclear weapons is probably Al Qaim, a remote area in northwestern Iraq which is still being defended by loyal Iraqi soldiers. Debka claims that the U.S. Army has not chosen to bomb Al Qaim for fear of releasing huge quantities of deadly toxins, but that the area’s remoteness and difficult topography will make it hard to subdue. Debka believes that Saddam and his sons are alive and are likely still able to command the weapons hidden in Al Qaim.
Some of this, at least, is verifiable and if true will shortly become known.


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