Alexandra Stein Writes

A few days ago, the Trunk linked to an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about a Minneapolis woman named Alexandra Stein who spent years in thrall to a cult-like Communist group. The group was called “O” and the Strib’s article was titled “The Story of O.”
Ms. Stein came across our link to the article and the Trunk’s comments on it, and sent us the following email:
“I see that you have made note of the Star Trib article about me and my book, INSIDE OUT. I would like to clarify the point of the book, which is that cults run by charismatic and authoritarian leaders can take on any convenient ideology: right-wing, left-wing, religious, get-rich-quick, new age, old age, and anything else. The point is that the leader understands psychological manipulation and a bunch of idealistic folks get caught up in that manipulation. You may want to alert your readers to the many right-wing cults that are out there, as your readership may be more susceptible to these, given the ideological outlook of your web page: for instance Lyndon LaRouche’s group is still going strong, and then there’s Posse Comitatus, whose members really don’t like paying taxes at all. If you’d like to learn more about my current political convictions I invite you to read my article (also published in the Trib some years ago) celebrating the 50th anniversay of the UNs Declaration of Human Rights. You’ll find that on my website at”
I doubt that we have any LaRouche followers or Posse Comitatus members among our readers, but if there are any out there, consider yourselves warned.


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