Another lesson in civility from Professor Sleeper

After receiving Professor Sleeper’s e-mail message posted below, Little Trunk wrote Professor Sleeper as follows:
“Your response to my message makes points that differ in substance and tone from your accusation that our column presented ad hominem arguments and smacked of neo-Stalinism. Neither in your column nor in your response to me have you offered evidence from our column to substantiate your harsh accusations. In the context of your column that presumes to instruct us on the boundaries of civil discourse, your imputation of neo-Stalinism to me is hypocrisy. With all due respect, Professor Sleeper, I think you owe me (and Jamie) an apology.”
Professor Sleeper has responded as follows: “You are a poor reader and a dishonest respondent, as well as a dishonest writer–as I shall be forced to explain in response to the letter you have written to the YDN, assuming it has been published. Beyond that exchange, our conversation is finished.”


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