Special forces calling

The New York Post has a good story, including a photograph of Leon Klinghoffer, on the apprehension of Abu Abass: “Achille terror heel captured.”
Last year I wrote a piece for the Minneapolis Star Tribune (also published by RealClearPolitics) about the American blood on Yasser Arafat’s hands. In that piece I referred to the murder of Leon Klinghoffer and criticized the State Department for covering up Yasser Arafat’s responsibilty for such crimes.
I e-mailed my draft of the piece to the State Department officer to whom my calls to the department had been referred, Gregory Sullivan. Sullivan wrote me an indignant message saying that Yasser Arafat and the PLO were not responsible for Klinghoffer’s death, but rather that the Palestine Liberation Front was. True enough, except that the PLF was itself an offshoot of the PLO and its head, Abu Abass, was a member of the PLO executive council. WorldNetDaily wrote a story that quoted this amazing correspondence: “State Department defends Arafat.” The WorldNetDaily story has a link to my piece on Arafat.
Now comes Palestinian Authority spokesman Saeb Erekat to demand the immediate release of Abu Abass. He cites “the 1995 interim agreement between the Palestine Organisation Liberation (PLO) and Israel … and signed by (former) US president Bill Clinton.” According to the news report this morning, “He pointed to one of its clauses that says PLO members cannot be arrested or tried for acts committed before September 1993.” The story is “Free Abu Abass ‘immediately.'”


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