Terrorist Training Camp Uncovered

American troops found a recently-deserted terrorist training camp south of Baghdad. It encompassed twenty buildings on a 25 acre site and apparently was run jointly by the Palestinian Liberation Front and Iraq: “[R]ecruits were apparently instructed in the art of bomb-making….Marines found chemicals, beakers and pipes at the site, along with questionnaires that asked recruits to state their preferences. [M]any volunteered for suicide missions.”
Marines also raided the home of Rahib Taha, Iraq’s “Dr. Germ.” Documents were recovered, and three men were arrested.
This AP report is a little annoying in that it recites that “Administration officials said the desire to eliminate weapons of mass destruction was one key reason for the war, although none has yet been found.” In fact, a great deal of evidence relating to such weapons has been discovered, and various weapons and substances are currently undergoing testing. Likewise, AP blandly asserts that “The United Nations weapons inspectors also failed to find any banned weapons in prewar searches.” This shibboleth is widely reported as fact, but is actually untrue. The inspectors, for all their ineptitude, did discover several banned weapons and weapons systems.


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