“Assad Begins to Fold…

…under U.S. pressure,” reports Haaretz:
“The verbal missiles cruising in recent days between Washington and Damascus have obscured an even more interesting statement made this week. Iranian President Mohammed Khatami said in public that ‘Iran won’t defend Syria if it comes under attack by the United States.'”
“When Bashar Assad looks around and sees the ruins of Iraq and the Ba’ath party, Syria’s rival and sister party, he realizes that the pan-Arabic ideology that continues to guide him and the Syrian Ba’ath party is bereft of any Arab customers. Gulf states, especially Kuwait, are beginning to reconsider their investment policies in Syria. Turkey is busy repairing the rifts with Washington.”
Assad is not the man his father was. It won’t take a war to back Syria off its aggressive policies. And a great deal is to be gained if Syria can be blocked from supporting Hezbollah and other terrorist groups, and if Syria can be forced to relinquish control over Lebanon. I trust that these basic goals will be achieved before our forces in Iraq are demobilized.


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