Club For Growth Goes After Snowe and Voinovich

The Club for Growth has been one of the most effective advocates for economic conservatism, and it has a good track record of helping to knock off liberal Republicans in primaries. Yesterday, the Club unveiled a campaign to criticize Republican Senators George Voinovich and Olympia Snowe for helping the Democrats to subvert President Bush’s tax cut.
The campaign includes television ads that will air in Ohio and Maine. The ads analogize Snowe and Voinovich to France, and picture each Senator with a French flag. “President Bush needs strong supporters in the Senate” is the theme. The image below is from the Snowe ad; a link to the Snowe ad in mpeg format is here.
I’m not sure how effective the France theme will be, but Republicans who part company with the Administration on something as basic as tax cuts need to feel some heat.


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