Tyranny high and low

Following up on the theme of Iraqi oil, Dick Morris has a column on the statesmanship of Saddam Hussein: “No blood for oil.” The column lucidly explains the games being played by the high-minded arbiters of American action at the United Nations.
Raul Rivero is one of the 80 writers and dissidents recently incarcerated in Castro’s Gulag. This morning’s New York Times runs a two-year-old column of his on the crime of being a free spirit in Castro’s island prison: “A man who writes.”
In the Wall Street Journal Gary Rosen devotes a column to the tyranny of the language police that rules in our kids’ schools and reading, summarizing Diane Ravitch’s new book on the subject. Rosen sums up her argument: “The point of teaching history and literature, she concludes, is not to ‘comfort us’ or ‘make us feel better about ourselves.’ Rather it is to open up the world in all its confounding complexity–a world in which, for better and worse, white men often lead, great books seldom comply with EEOC guidelines, and everyone occasionally gets called an ugly name.” His column is “Red pencils, low marks.” (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)


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