Mother Jones or the Onion?

Reader C.S. pointed out this article: you can judge for yourselves whether it is a real Mother Jones piece, or an Onion parody:
“These are not easy times for American peace activists. Support for the war in Iraq has surged — even in the quintessentially liberal Bay Area — and protesters are meeting ugly resistance, both from jeering Bush patriots and disturbingly aggressive police.” Well, I had hoped that was true, but it’s nice to see it confirmed.
“The Iraqi people dancing in the streets…probably weren’t those who lost family members to coalition bombs.” True; they’re probably the ones who lost family members to Saddam’s dungeons.
“What antiwar activists must figure out…is how to support the downfall of a brutal tyrant while questioning the means by which he was overthrown: a reckless and globally divisive invasion which has killed and mutilated thousands, and now threatens to destabilize an entire region.” Yes, that is a bit of a dilemma. But there must have been an easier way. Perhaps if we had challenged him to a game of rock, paper, scissors….


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