“Saddam No, Bush Yes”

Two hundred Iraqi prisoners of war are released from an internment camp in the desert near the southern port of Umm Qasr:
“Chanting ‘Saddam no, Bush yes,’ some 200 Iraqi prisoners of war were let go Sunday at the coalition’s main internment camp….
“The men, many of them barefooted, shook hands with the American soldiers guarding the camp before boarding buses and trucks to be driven to nearby Basra, southern Iraq’s largest city.
“The men gave thumbs-up signs and peppered journalists with questions: ‘No more Saddam statues?’ ‘No more military service?’ ‘No more executions?’
“Hussam Abbas, from Basra, said all he had known in his 25 years were prisons and military service. ‘I gave myself in so that I would have a chance to be evacuated and not to come back to Iraq,’ he said. ‘But now, I am happy. We got rid of Saddam who oppressed us.’
“Hanging out a bus window, Mussalam Hassan, 22, shouted happily: ‘We did not fire a single shot!’
“Before Atheer Abdul-Karim, 25, joined his fellow Iraqis in singing a folk song on board a departing bus, he shouted out: ‘They paid us 17,000 (Iraqi dinars a month) to fight Americans. I would have killed Saddam for one dollar.'”
Via InstaPundit.


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