Reading Hillary Clinton

After giving us a lesson on how to read the Washington Post last week, our eagle eyed reader Dafydd ab Hugh now gives us a lesson on how to read a Clinton press release circulated via the Washington Post. Yesterday’s Post carried the AP story regarding the Clinton memoirs scheduled for a June 9 release: “Hillary Clinton’s memoirs to hit stores.”
Mr. ab Hugh writes: “[T]here is something intriguing about the WaPo story. Did you spot it? Read carefully. Yep, you got it… nowhere in the story does the Post actually say, in plain English, that Hillary has actually handed in a manuscript! They mention the print run (a million copies), the title, the number of pages, even the price S&S will charge for the book. But they never actually say, flat out, that Hillary Rodham has actually turned anything in, even though that’s clearly what they want everyone to infer.
“So why not just come out and say it? A simple sentence like ‘Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Rodham handed in her long awaited memoirs to Simon & Schuster yesterday, and boy, did she use el cheapo paper,’ or somesuch would have been far less peculiar (eerie?) than several paragraphs of blather about the presumed book without any frank indication whether it exists anywhere except her lawyer’s press release.”


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