New Book Theorizes About Pearl Murder

French writer Bernard-Henri Levy has just published a book titled Who Killed Daniel Pearl?. Based on news accounts, the book appears to be heavy on speculation. Levy’s theory–by no means unique to him–is that Pearl was hot on the trail of a connection between al Qaeda and Pakistan’s intelligence service: “My hypothesis is that bin Laden, this scarecrow of whom we are quite rightly afraid, is in some respects a puppet. He is there on stage but behind him are more secret, but more important, individuals who are his inspiration.”
Levy’s views on Islamofascism are sound: “Radical Islam is as much to be feared today as the communist and fascist totalitarianisms of yesterday were. Everything must be done to stop a frontal collision between the west and Islam in general. The only war of civilisations must be within Islam, between the democrats and the fascists.”


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