California Textbooks Neutered

I guess it’s an old story, but I can’t help being shocked at the irresistible march of political correctness through the country’s education establishment. The latest manifestation: just-announced revisions to California’s textbooks to eliminate politically incorrect words and images.
The results are remarkable: no more “jungle,” “Founding Fathers,” or “snowman.” No more references to Mount Rushmore, hot dogs or butter. No more images of Indians with braids, living in rural areas or on reservations.
California’s curriculum chief defends the changes: “I think our textbooks should to our greatest capacity be free of any type of stereotyping. We need to make sure that all ethnicities are represented. We need to make sure that both males and females are represented. We need to make sure that our materials cover the full gamut.” Well, maybe not quite the full gamut. No hot dogs or Indians on reservations, for example. No doubt there are other, more important omissions. Like conservative ideas and a recognition that American history is, for the most part, an inspiring story of progress, success and idealism.


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