Bush’s moment

As a former White House speechwriter, John Podhoretz has a particularly good ear for the quality and significance of presidential speeches. He thinks that the president’s speech last night on the USS Lincoln was both excellent and important: “Bush’s revolution.” (Click here for the text of the speech.) The New York Post’s tabloid headline calls the president “Top Gun,” and the accompanying story about the president’s visit to the Lincoln makes out inspired political theater: “Sky chief Bush hits the deck.”
The annual dinner of the Center of the American Experiment was held last night at the convention center in downtown Minneapolis, and Henry Kissinger was the featured speaker. Unfortunately for those of us who attended, the event conflicted with the president’s speech. But the single most notable element of Kissinger’s speech was his tribute to the leadership of President Bush, a fact which the Star Tribune’s story doesn’t miss: “Kissinger heaps praise on Bush.” The Star Tribune’s story inexplicably gives equal time to the few hecklers who attempted to disrupt Kissinger’s speech and to the speech itself, which was a good one.


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