Pearl Jammed

The New York Times review of Wednesday’s Pearl Jam concert at the Nassau Coliseum recounts the inspirational audience participation during the group’s second encore:
“[W]hen the second encore came around, Mr. Vedder emerged cradling a mask of President Bush, and sang ‘Bushleaguer,’ a strong statement of protest: ‘Drilling for fear keeps the job simple/Born on third, thinks he got a triple.’
“A number of formerly enthusiastic fans responded by making long, low noises that sounded a lot like ‘boo,’ and they weren’t placated by the remarks that followed.
“‘I don’t understand,’ Mr. Vedder said. ‘Maybe you like him ’cause he’s going to give you a tax cut.’ A number of people then chanted: ‘U.S.A.! U.S.A.!’
“Mr. Vedder tried a different approach. ‘I’m with you: U.S.A.,’ he said. ‘I just think that all of us in this room should have a voice in how the U.S.A. is represented.’
“A few people threw things, and the band played two more songs, ending with a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Rockin’ in the Free World.’ As the song faded out, Mr. Vedder reprised the crowd’s chant


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