Preferential treatment for illegal aliens?

The Maryland legislature has passed a bill that would permit illegal aliens to pay bargain in-state tuition rates at Maryland’s public colleges and universities. In this editorial, The Washington Times urges Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich to veto that legislation. This should be a no-brainer. It is questionable whether students who live here in violation of U.S. immigration laws should be able to attend state colleges and universities at all. Many highly qualified legal Maryland residents are rejected every year by the University of Maryland. It is galling to think that illegal residents are taking their spots, perhaps as the result of racial preferences for “Hispanics.” In any case, it seems clear enough that illegal aliens should not be receiving a break on their tuition. However, the Hispanic vote is becoming a factor in some parts of the state. Thus, the chairman of the Republican Party in my county is urging Ehrlich to sign the bill. Let’s hope he resists.


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