Greetings From Iraq

Reader Dan Tubbs sent us this great photo of his brother Vern and another G.I. surrounded by a group of grateful Iraqis (Vern’s friend is the one getting kissed). Dan reports that his brother was one of the soldiers who captured Iraq’s former Director of Intelligence. The operation was carried out successfully and we have no report of injuries, but Vern’s wife says she thinks the operation was “a rough one.” Based on this photo, Vern appears pretty formidable, and I expect the encounter was rougher for the Iraqi Intelligence Director and his cohorts than for Vern and his fellow soldiers.
Dan reminds us that conditions in Iraq are still dangerous; a member of Vern’s unit was shot in the neck just a few days ago and is in critical condition. Vern expects to come home in about six weeks, where he will be welcomed by a thankful nation.


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