The Paul Krugman truth squad

The idea of forming a Paul Krugman truth squad here at Power Line would have plenty of appeal if any of us could stand reading him on a consistent basis. None of us can, so we must be content with occasional criticism, for example here, here, and here. Now we learn that Donald Luskin of National Review is on the job, and has Krugman on the run. In April, he exposed Krugman’s claim that Bush’s tax cuts would cost $500,000 for each $40,000 new job created. It turns out that Krugman was comparing a ten-year cost (and the highest possible estimate of that cost) to a single year’s salary. Krugman has been forced to write a series of defensive responses on his web site, and has backed away from further attacks on the tax plan in his column. Meanwhile, as described in his NRO Online piece, Luskin and his fellow truth squad members continue to expose Krugman’s mendacity on a variety of other topics.