Colonel Waldhauser’s mission

On April 19 we posted Kay Miller’s poignant Star Tribune profile of Adnan Shati, the refugee who escaped Iraq under sentence of death, moved to Minneapolis, and has not returned to Iraq for sixteen years. In the article, Adnan eloquently mourned the loss of his father and expressed concerns about the safety of his surviving relatives in Iraq. Marine Colonel Thomas Waldhauser, a native of South St. Paul serving in Iraq, read the story online and was moved to locate Adnan’s family. Today Kay Miller updates her profile with a glimpse of Colonel Waldhauser and greetings from the family: “Marine colonel helps Iraqi expatriate in finding family.”
HINDROCKET adds: This is a great story, but the Trunk was too modest. He was the one who knew about Adnan Shati, and put the Strib reporter on to the story. So he is really responsible for this Iraqi family being reunited. Here is an email that the Strib reporter, Kay Miller, sent to the Trunk:
“I really feel I have you to thank for what has become a lovely story. Adnan and Stephanie are just wonderful human beings. And Col. Waldhauser’s note just knocked me over. As you undoubtedly know from your web site, the connections you can make because of the internet are a constant source of amazement. At any rate, thank you so much again for everything.
Hats off to Trunk, Power Line and the internet!


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