In the Country of Country

Rescued POW Patrick Miller was enjoying his homecoming parade and celebration in Valley Center, Kansas. Word had gotten out that while in captivity, he had annoyed the Iraqis by singing Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.” So a microphone was provided and he and three high school friends were invited to sing the anti-terrorist anthem. Part way through, the MC, an Assembly of God minister, cut them off, saying “I think it would be better if we got someone who knows how to sing it.”
Sure enough, out from the crowd strode Toby Keith, who proceeded to sing: “The crowd roared whenever Keith stepped back and let Miller sing a few choice lines in the song. Miller blinked back tears.”
Keith said it was an easy decision to surprise Miller by appearing at his welcome home party: “After finding out he was singing the ‘Red White and Blue’ to the Iraqis — how can you say no?” After playing “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,” Keith “quickly left, telling reporters later he did not want to take the spotlight away from Miller. He later joined the soldier for a private lunch.”
Toby Keith is to be congratulated for taking the trouble to help Miller celebrate his safe return. Of course, for an entertainer like Toby, going to Valley Center, Kansas doesn’t mean journeying to an exotic foreign land. It’s part of the country of country.


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