The attack of the Belgian trial lawyers

David Davenport of the Hoover Institution, in the Washington Times, notes the series of “war crimes” cases being filed against President Bush, Vice President Cheney, General Franks, and other Americans in the Belgian courts. While it is easy enough to laugh off these legal actions, particularly since they involve Belgium, Davenport maintains that they are actually a “preview of coming attractions,” if the U.S. joins the International Criminal Court. He asks us to contemplate three International Criminal Court judges — perhaps from Belgium, Germany, and China — trying to decide whether cluster bombs were a reasonable alternative for the U.S. to use in the war in Iraq. No thanks.
The six month run-up to the war in Iraq was a frustrating time, and few expressed more frustration than the Power Line crew. But perhaps the six months were well spent if they educated Americans about the duplicity of key European nations, and the fundamentally different way in which they view the world, to the point that we now are highly resolved not to participate in European enterprises like the International Criminal Court


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