Americans Favor Tax Cuts

The Gallup Poll reports a shift in public opinion in favor of the President’s tax cut proposal. As recently as April 22-23, Americans by a 47% to 42% margin said the proposed cuts were a bad idea rather than a good idea. By May 5-7, Americans termed Bush’s tax proposal a good idea by a healthy 52% to 41% margin.
There are only two explanations for this turnaround. First, now that the Iraq war is over, the President is focusing single-mindedly on promoting his tax cut as the cure for the economy’s continuing weakness. Second, the Iraq war was another dramatic instance where the President proved to be right, and his critics proved to be wrong. Americans who have repeatedly seen the President’s judgments borne out, while his critics have been exposed by events as Chicken Littles, are justified in trusting Bush on the tax cut issue even though they may not know enough to make an informed judgment on the economic merits of his proposal.


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