“Republicans Stand Firm in Budget Talks”

That’s the headline in today’s Minneapolis Star Tribune, and it’s one I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before, here in Minnesota or anywhere else. The Strib reports:
“Senate DFLers indicated late Thursday that they may soon have to relinquish their hope of a tax increase that would ease the budget cuts proposed to erase a $4.23 billion deficit projected for the next two years.
“Senate Majority Leader John Hottinger, DFL-St. Peter, said, ‘We may need to recognize that [governor Tim Pawlenty] is immovable in his resistance to making these cuts less severe.'”
Of course, the Democrats haven’t given up yet. Convinced that public opinion is swinging their way, they apparently are considering refusing to enact any budget at all, and shutting down Minnesota’s government. Stay tuned.


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