Bombings in Casablanca

We’ve been wondering for some time why al Qaeda and other Islamofascist groups didn’t go back to car bombings and other low-tech forms of violence. It appears now that this is what they have decided to do, at least for the time being.
The death toll in Casablanca is at least 40 (10 murderers and 30 victims) after a series of five nearly simultaneous bombings last night. The Islamic terrorists attacked a Spanish social club, a Jewish community center, a hotel and the Belgian embassy. At the Spanish club, three terrorists slit the security guard’s throat with a large knife before detonating their explosives.
The scenes of the bombings were horrific, with body parts strewn on the ground. The photo below shows the damaged exterior of the Hotel Safir.
While the immediate effects of the bombings in Saudi Arabia and Morocco are tragic, the long-term consequences for al Qaeda are likely to be disastrous. Governments of Islamic countries will now be forced to get serious about rooting out terrorism.


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