Pawlenty prevails…Minnesota survives

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s victory in the state’s budget battle over the Democrats who hold a narrow majority in the state senate will reverberate in Minnesota for years to come. This morning’s Star Tribune reports the details of the final budget accord, announced at a press conference that the Democrats boycotted.
As the deal was announced “the Women’s Rights Action Coalition staged a mock funeral for what it said was the ‘death’ of Minnesota.” We’re pretty sure that rumors of the death of Minnesota are greatly exaggerated.
The Star Tribune story is “Pawlenty prevails as budget deal is reached,” and Dane Smith provides the Strib’s lugubrious thumb-sucker, “Now Minnesotans decide whether Pawlenty won for them.”
The Pioneer Press story on the budget deal leads with the cemetery headstones placed for the funeral, “Budget deal reached,” and finds what the reporters obviously believe to be a silver lining in the cloud, “Pawlenty softens view of future tax hike.”


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