Meet the new boss

Bret Stephens to the contrary notwithstanding, I find it hard to be optimistic about any real cessation of the continuing war against Israel. The whole approach to “peace” taken by American interlocutors as well as by the Israelis themselves treats Israel as a case apart, foreclosed from defeating the enemy or exercising the effectual means of self-defense that no country in the world is otherwise denied. It is discouraging that so few people seem even today to comprehend that the war against Israel is conducted in significant part by Yasser Arafat and the PLO “security forces” over which Arafat continues to exercise control.
For an update on the current state of negotiations between Israel and Mohammad Abbas — whose nom de guerre is Daddy Mazen — check out the Ha’aretz report: “Gov’t sources: Sharon-Abu Mazen meeting was a failure.”


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