June Carter Cash remembered

Country music’s royalty turned out to honor June Carter Cash this afternoon in Hendersonville: “June Carter Cash remembered at funeral.”
HINDROCKET ADDS: Trunk, I’d always heard that June Carter Cash was somehow an important figure, but I had no idea until a few days ago that she wrote “Ring of Fire.” For me, this puts her in an entirely new light. “Ring of Fire” is one of the first popular songs that I can remember; I loved it then, and still do. I still listen to old Johnny Cash records now and then, but I thought that “Ring of Fire” was about as far out of style as it was possible to get. Until last summer, when I went to a Martin Zellar concert here in Minneapolis. Zellar, for those who don’t remember, is the creative genius behind the Gear Daddies, and is a native Minnesotan. Anyway, imagine my surprise and delight when Martin Zellar, the height of coolness, sang “Ring of Fire.” Straight, no irony. What’s more, the entire audience sang along. Everyone knew the words. This afternoon, my son and I went to the Twins game (Twins over Chicago 3-2, Twins took over first place from the Royals). They played “Ring of Fire” between innings. Same thing–somehow, everyone knows the words. Not a bad legacy. June Carter Cash, RIP.


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