Graduation day

FrontPage carries an advisory from the Columbia College Conservative Club that the university has chosen a radical Imam to be the speaker at the undergraduate baccalaureate service: “Radical Islam: The college speaking tour.”
At Yale, on the other hand, Tom Friedman is to be the commencement speaker. The Yale Daily News has published an inspirational column by Davi Bernstein expressing the hope that Friedman was only invited as a last resort after Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice had declined invitations. Bernstein acknowledges that he is “not sure any of them would have come. Invading a country is less embarrassing for these men and woman than setting foot on an Ivy League campus.”
Bernstein expresses the view that “[m]ost students — a silent majority, I would say — are eager to confront the world as it is in order to repair it into the world it should be. I doubt Thomas Friedman will show us the way.” Read why in “Get ready kids: It’s Thomas L. Friedman!”


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