The always alert Joshua Sharf

reminds me of something I should have included in my post about the disappearing Texas Democrats. One of the main points in the Washington Post editorial applauding these Democrats is that redistricting should occur only once per decade — state legislatures should not keep redrawing Congressional districts. Mr. Sharf reminds me that “in Texas, as out here in Colorado, no 2000 redistricting plan was ever actually passed; one was imposed by a judge, so in both states, the Republicans are claiming (reasonably so) that while elections needed to be held with the right number of seats at stake, the legislature was negligent in not passing a plan, and they have the right to do so.”
Mr. Sharf adds that, while the Colorado Democrats didn’t flee the state, they did the next best thing — the Attorney General, an agent of the state, filed a lawsuit asking the State Supreme Court to overturn a state law, signed by the Governor.


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