More on GOP=KKK

Yesterday we posted on comments by a Democratic legislative aide, Lou Harvin, who told a reporter for a Twin Cities black newspaper that Republicans in the Minnesota legislature have a “KKK mentality,” only “slicker” and “without the hoods.” Later in the day, the controversy expanded a bit as Republicans denounced Harvin’s comments. A Democratic legislator promptly apologized on the House floor.
Of course, the Minneapolis Star Tribune can’t report the story without dragging in references to an utterly irrelevant contretemps of a few months ago, involving Republican Representative Arlon Lindner. In the course of opposing preferential treatment of homosexuals, Lindner warned that AIDS could turn America into “another African continent.” This reference to the prevalence of AIDS in Africa was somehow deemed “racist” by Democrats, who lodged an unsuccessful ethics complaint against Lindner.
That the Strib should see these two events as comparable indicates where the paper’s sympathies lie. For more on the Lindner controversy–which, as the Trunk noted at the time, had considerable entertainment value, extending as it did to the sexual proclivities of the Nazis–you can search our site and quickly retrieve the Trunk’s posts.


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