Country Music Feud Deepens

Country music is one of the few bastions of conservative (or, really, mainstream) values in the popular culture. Last night’s Academy of Country Music awards show was typical, as former POWs were honored and the show was replete with patriotic references.
The Dixie Chicks were booed whenever their name was mentioned; they performed via video feed from Austin, Texas. At this point, we report on the Chicks’ vicissitudes strictly for their entertainment value, as any relevant political points were made long ago. Here’s the part I like: when the Chicks appeared on the video feed, lead singer Natalie Maines was wearing a t-shirt that said “F.U.T.K.” The “T.K.” apparently stands for Toby Keith, who has been vocal in criticizing the Chicks as well as supporting the Administration and our troops. If I can find a photo of the shirt, I’ll post it.
And here it is, thanks to reader Mike Wilson–Ms. Maines in her “F.U.T.K.” t-shirt:


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