Road map to oblivion

While the mainstream papers carry leaked reports that the Bush administration has secured Prime Minister Sharon’s agreement to some language that can be construed as an endorsement of the so-called road map, the Jerusalem Post carries four stories of interest. The first relates to the seizure of the PLO love boat that I noted yesterday: “Hizbullah ‘A-Team’ of international terror?” The second relates to the meeting between Daddy Mazen and his Hamas constitutents: “Hamas rebuffs Abbas, vows to continue terrorism.” The third is an account of events in Washington emphasizing President Bush’s personal engagement in a process that seems to me fundamentally flawed: “Bush meets PA finance minister.” The fourth is a brief analysis of the situation in which Israel now finds itself: “Israel’s hands now tied by road map.”
The New York Post carries a brief commentary on all of this that resonates with me: “Road map to nowhere.”


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