The pride of America

I’m afraid I would have missed this astounding report by embedded journalist Jim Lacey of his time with the 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division were it not for our friends at No Left Turns. But it is not too late today to read, to remember, and to express our gratitude: “The men who won the war.”
Lacey pays tribute to the soldiers’ wit, their intelligence, and their bravery; he concludes by paying tribute to their justice: “I want to point out one other quality of the American soldier: his sense of justice. After a grueling fight, a company of infantrymen was resting and opening their first mail delivery of the war. One of the young soldiers had received a care package and was sharing the home-baked cookies with his friends. A photographer with a heavy French accent asked if he could have one. The soldier looked him over and said there would be no cookies for Frenchmen. The photographer then protested that he was half Italian. Without missing a beat, the soldier broke a cookie in half and gave it to him. It was a perfect moment and a perfect reflection of the American soldier.”


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